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145IQ, sd.15, plus recognition: Bachelor's Degree, Medical Doctor, Ivy League Student, Published Author, etc

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high iq society

How to Join I.L.H.G!

If you would like to become a member, you must provide evidence of possessing an IQ of at least 145, sd.15, 148, sd.16, 172, sd.24. Only the first 2 attempts of any test will be accepted.

You can use any qualifying IQ test result administered by a Psychologist. Alternatively, there are a few online IQ test that can be used to gain admissions. You can take these tests via:

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About ILHG

The International League of the Highly Gifted represents individuals that possess an IQ in the 99.9th percentile and have earned recognition in their community. I.e: Bachelor's Degree, Ivy League Student, Medical Doctor, Published Author, Entrepreneur, Community Leader, e.t.c.

high iq society


You can join by meeting the 2 requirements. Apply via: join@ilhg.xyz

high iq society


Engage in discussions with fellow members via our website forums.

high iq society


Discuss many topics of interests, including: science, history, psychology, etc.

high iq society


In order to help this community become very large, invite your friends to apply to join our intellectual network


IQ, sd.15


IQ, sd.16


IQ, sd.24


Notable earned achievement/recognition

Membership Certificate
I.L.H.G. offers each member an option of purchasing a premium, printed, and mailed certificate.
Member Portal
Every member has access to our custom member portal that can be accessed via the login.
All members shall introduce themselves and welcome new members via our member forums.
FB Group
Start a discussion on our FB group or create one of your own by posting any topic that you deem to be interesting.
Virtual Meetings
I.L.H.G. will host a virtual meeting multiple times throughout the year.
Host or participate in trivia, chess or other types of competitions via the forums.